Prosperity Worldwide is a nonprofit organization that utilizes donor contributions to carry out activities that deliver financial resources and tools to enhance Land O’Lakes International Development initiatives in developing countries. These projects promote a better quality of life through enhanced well-being, health, food security and economic opportunity.

Prosperity Worldwide’s beneficiaries are individuals, or cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and enterprises that are responsibly creating value for their owners or clients, and thereby contributing to sustainable development and economic growth.

Prosperity Worldwide is an independent, privately funded vehicle through which the general public can contribute to the goal of international development. The idea had been incubating for a long time within Land O’Lakes International Development but was given impetus when Land O’Lakes board member Pete Kappelman traveled to Malawi in May 2000. His work there with small, Malawian dairy farmers in cooperative development revealed to him what a huge difference just a small amount of financial resources could mean in the lives of these struggling farmers, and this inspired him to push Land O’Lakes to revisit this possibility.


Prosperity Worldwide will enhance Land O’Lakes International Development initiatives by providing complementary financial resources and tools to promote well-being and economic security. Prosperity Worldwide is funded by a global network of donors and development providers, including Land O’Lakes, other organizations, donors and the general public.

2009 Annual Report

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Sri Lanka Watershed Rehabilitation

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Madagascar Feed Mill

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Land O’Lakes applies an integrated approach to international development that capitalizes on
Land O’Lakes 85+ years of experience as a leading farm-to-market agribusiness.
Land O’Lakes International Development brings this difference—its in-depth knowledge of crop, livestock and dairy production, marketing, business management and cooperative principles—to every international development project. And through this approach, it implements successful and sustainable projects, creates profitable businesses and drives economic growth worldwide, assisted by funding primarily from the U. S. Agency for International Development and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

For more than 25 years, Land O’Lakes International Development has been making a difference in people’s lives and local economies. We generate economic growth, improve health and nutrition, and alleviate poverty by facilitating market-driven business solutions to agricultural productivity and competitiveness; food processing, product development, and quality assurance; enterprise, cooperative, and association development; food security and livelihoods; and nutrition and health. Learn more about Land O’Lakes International Development at


All contributions are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to “Prosperity Worldwide.” Prosperity Worldwide accepts donations for specific activities or general support, but we cannot guarantee the use of a donation for activities not designated by Prosperity Worldwide. Please mail your donation to the address below.

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